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People who can keep their cool when being told off or made fun of are not to be messed with

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Spock gives Jim ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ for his birthday and Jim carries that book with him in every early scene.  As soon as he’s with Spock again, both of them home together on the Enterprise, he passes it to Uhura.  

The first time we see him again after Spock’s funeral, he has his book again. 

It’s his fucking security blanket.  

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Remember when sci-fi was about social commentary and not just creating situations for white guys to be heroic in?

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This morning when I walked downstairs to leave for work I found a full can of garbage waiting by the front door. Yes, that’s right, he took the time to move the trash can from the kitchen to the door, just to force me to empty it.
I don’t understand what his problem is. I’ve emptied the trash before, so why did he freak out this time? And why was he so fucking passive aggressive about it? Apparently he left the garbage can on the kitchen counter, too, to get my attention. Unfortunately for him, I hate going into the kitchen when he’s around so I’ve been skipping dinner, and since I ran out of cereal I haven’t been in there for breakfast either. Fucking passive aggressive garbage can. God, I’m so fucking irritated at him.
AND THEN, when I confronted him about it when I got home, he told me off for not saying hi to him when I walk in after work. Fucking seriously, dude? He called it common sense and I’m irritated that he’s making me seem like the weirdo when he’s the one who’s so anal retentive that he can’t even handle doing the trash by himself. Excuse me for wanting to have my own space. I’m not living here to be your friend, you’re just my landlord. FUUUCK.
What a fucking nutjob.







Why does this look to me like they’re starting a musical number

put that violin back where it came from or so help me

so help me

so help me

and cut

it’s a work in progress

it’s gonna get better

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SGA rewatch 2k14 Well, I guess I broke that rule.”